Tuesday, September 30, 2014



The United States is getting a valuable lesson on world sanitation and health standards.  We are watching with horror, viruses ravaging our population especially our kids.  Some of these have symptoms of TB and now a strain of Polio.


Being in my 60’s I grew up with the generation that worked hard to eradicate many of these diseases with childhood immunizations and proactive medical programs; as a kid I remember people getting polio.  I can also remember going to get the polio vaccine while in school standing in long lines for shots then (at a later date) the Salk vaccine that we drank in little paper cups. 


In short, overall, the US has attained a high degree of sanitation with fresh drinking water, sanitation programs and preventive health programs.  Not all countries of the world have done this, many in our own hemisphere. 


As a country we want to save the world, feed the hungry kids, help with the Ebola Virus; but, what about countries that have very poor sanitation standards?  Let’s look at South and Latin America; we just allowed tens of thousands of children from these countries that didn’t have shot records to show immigration, the Obama administration and liberal democrats are too busy to have them checked out for some of these viruses that thrive in the poorer countries that do not come close to the health standards we have.  We were in such a hurry to “save the children” we may have sentenced our own children to severe medical problems or a crippling future with polio.  I think we are just finding one of the problems of illegal immigration.


I received this information from a friend of mine who is sick with many of the symptoms of what the kids are coming down with and this is what his doctor told him.  Maybe the doctor is wrong; I’ll let you connect the dots.


Did Maggie take in any of these kids into NH?  The viruses seem to have shown up.