Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is getting discouraging listening to the news; the republican big shots having affairs on their wives. None of then will ever catch up to the Kennedy’s or Barney and his gay lover running a male prostitution ring out of Barney’s apartment in D.C. or Studd’s having a homosexual affair with a teenager. It is things like this that cause elected officials to lose credibility with the electorate.

I can understand the pressure and loneliness of politics; but, if you expound the position of the religious right, then keep your fly zipped and realize the grass is not always greener in the other person’s yard.

I was watching an Obama speech about a month ago and the crowd was all worked up and someone was yelling, “I want to have sex with you Obama”. I couldn’t tell if it was woman’s or mans voice. I guess it really doesn’t make a lot of difference now days; but, I’m sensing a generation gap or rampant stupidity. No problem, I’ll figure it out.

When the voters lose respect for a political party they go independent until they see leadership, common sense and morality, then they’ll come back. I believe the majority of people want to respect the people they vote for and believe the elected officials care about them; but, with the political phoniness it is getting harder and harder. Both political parties are facing a third party challenge if they don’t clean up their act and realize who elected them and who their loyalties belong.

In the last election we elected some of the worst possible people we could to represent us; liberal socialists who are pushing an ultra liberal agenda. They kept millions in lchip money (save trees) while cutting back on social services for people in need. Everyone will feel the pain, was the battle cry; I know of state reps and senators who have handicapped children. One claims they take no outside money to take care of their child, another claims that she is a professional women with a career and needs the funds, another takes money and complains about the amount the state wastes on these programs. How much of spreading the pain did they support in this recent budget? We will never know because how much a person gets for assistance and especially if it is for a child is confidential.

The budget the state just passed is over $100,000,000 out of whack as soon as the governor signed his name to the bill. It looks like Exeter has been shorted almost $300,000 per year for the next two years this=higher property taxes or substantial town employee layoffs if cuts can’t be made in other areas.

In this budget everyone will feel the pain, or will they? If liberals like to spend money and make everyone dependant on government and liberals like to elect liberals who like to spend money then it only stands to reason that liberals like to give their money to government through 38 new or increased taxes and fees that the liberals did in Concord. I don’t like to spend money for government because, in large part, it is a waste on incompetent bureaucrats.

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