Tuesday, July 14, 2009


People who pursue politics (elected offices) are usually egotistical who cherish the attention or feelings of power. There are those exceptions who become involved because they feel they can make a difference and, through public service, feel they can help people. Unfortunately, those who feel they can do good are getting fewer and fewer.

Case in point: Right after the state budget was passed the democrat leadership in the state sent out letters to the local papers putting a positive spin on a screwed up budget and some of our local state reps signed on. They were touting how wonderful the dems did in crafting “the toughest budget in state history”. That was pretty profound since none of them were thinking for them selves and just did what the democrat leadership told them to do and followed the crazy social agenda. One first term state rep had only been a rep for 6 months and wouldn’t know a tough budget from a tough sirloin.

The fact is the liberal democrats were so busy fooling around with re-arranging the social makeup of the state they lost sight of the budget. While they were promoting transvestite issues, gay marriage and medical marihuana, the voters and taxpayers got slammed in the budget. About a billion $ increase in spending, increases in 38 taxes and fees (last year they only increased about 22).

I asked a friend of mine on house finance if the budget will hold up for at least a year and he told me we would be lucky if the budget made it through until September. The budget was out of whack by over a hundred million dollars the day the governor signed it. We might find some relief in Obama bucks; but, that will be a one time fix and we will find a tougher budget next time.

So when the political leadership in NH wants to pull the smoke and mirror routine about how wonderful they are, please, at least question them and do a little homework on the issues. Remember politicians lie, try to deal with the ones that at least want to tell the truth.


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