Friday, July 31, 2009


I think it is just human nature to want to feel your better or you can do something better than anyone else. At least that is what I learned taking psychology classes at St. A’s. As long as you’re comfortable with yourself that is what is important; even if others think you’re an arrogant elitist political ass. There might be a place for people like this; we just need to put politics side and join together in a bi-partisan manner to find the place.

A political elitist isn’t always someone who has a lot of money; but, it is almost always someone who just thinks they are better than you, know more than you do and should be leaders because of their perceived social standing. What it is, is simply an arrogant I’m better than you attitude and not always associated with financial standing.

We can see that in both political parties. The democrat and republican leadership and financial backers don’t really think you’re a credible candidate unless you can write a check for $100,000 to a million $ to fund your campaign; the size of the check depends on the office you are seeking. The more money you have the more money you can spend on spin doctors, to rehab your image, or to buy and mail those phony little glossy mail/handouts with our high school pictures on the front. Isn’t it interesting to see how candidates are chosen?

How many people do we all know who are just honest, straight forward and caring? People who have worked hard their whole lives to be successful and never forgot where they came from; people whom we respect for what they’ve done, who they are and how they treat other people. No matter what job they have or how much money they make, are just good, honest, and hard working. Their attitude allows them to be part of the working class of Americans who make up the majority of the voters, not the political elitist who are trying to be king makers by controlling who will run or who the political machines will anoint.

It is happening in both parties. Isn’t it time that the voters put aside the king makers and take back the political process?

I’ve heard talk of wanting to start a third party. I will give Governor Sununu a chance to clean up the republican mess, bang heads and bring the party back to the working class voters and the true republican philosophy of “people before politics”. When we could trust the people we elected and respect what they stand for; not the income tax evaders, crooked politicians, the elitist or those who can’t keep their pants up.

I guess I’m just a traditional sort of guy looking for a little honesty, integrity and caring for the voters who elect them.


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