Friday, July 31, 2009


During the last political campaign we were inundated with cute little catch phrases like, “change we can believe in”, and “yes we can, yes we can”. I still laugh at this and use those phrases to poke fun at the opposition. But what is interesting is I see striking resemblances between the old Bush administration and the Obama administration only the staff is not as competent.

I was always a supporter of Senator Bob Smith, I counted on Bob as a friend and he could count on me as a loyal supporter. Bob cared about people and helped all, no matter what political party. He was noted and was probably the best elected official for delivering constituent services. He could get the job done. He made some mistakes along the way; but, because of his love for his constituents he could be easily forgiven.

Somewhere along the way he crossed swords with G.W. and he was pushed out of office by the republican national establishment.

What do we see now? Bam Bam attacking blue dog democrats, in their districts, because they did not like his socialist health care plan (or lack of one).

We have a president who appears to have deep rooted racial prejudices, which caught many of his cult followers by total surprise. I don’t know why, when you spend 20 years listening to hate filled racist sermons from a hate filled racist minister, it is not hard to connect the dots.

Now we connect the dots to being mentored and raised by the most crooked political machine in the history of our country, the Chicago machine; please take a minute to figure this one out on your own; then our president is looking to Saul Alinsky, a devout socialist radical who advocates overthrowing the capitalist system in the US and you can connect the dots again.

The “we can’ts” are coming into play. We can’t afford this change. We can’t believe this change is good for our country or our families. We can’t allow a radical socialist change to our health care.

WOW, I feel better already.


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