Saturday, October 3, 2009


Just recently our lost in the fog senator went off on a tirade about how the economy is in the worst recession since the great depression and how the republicans are not helping the situation by bringing out how bad the liberals have screwed things up.

The old political saying if you lie enough and keep telling lies people will accept those lies as truth. The fact is the republicans in Concord did try to work with the democrats on budget matters; they did try to reduce spending to keep spending in line with revenues and were voted down each time. Now in the last two budget cycles (4 years) the democrats have been in control of the governor’s office, the senate and the house. The first two years the democrats increased spending by a billion dollars and raised 18 fees and taxes. The second two years they raised the budget by another billion dollars and increased 38 fees and taxes in the face of tough economic times. Hello, have you ever heard of reducing spending?

While the liberals were spending their way into the history books, the republicans were saying, ‘slow down there cowboy’; but, fell on deaf ears.

While Queen Maggie (given the name after she pushed for a $100,000 renovation of the ladies room by the senate officers giving her an Italian marble throne) was ranting about the lack of republican support the governor’s office was holding a press conference talking about the money they found, or came in, and things were not as bad as they thought.

This was almost as good as a candidate’s night in Exeter during the last election when Maggie was trying to deny there was a $250 million dollar deficit when that very day the governor’s office was saying there was.

This is like a Star Wars movie, “there is an imbalance in the force”. This is also what happens, either on a local level, state level or federal level, where there are no checks and balances. Liberal democrats go nuts with power and crazy liberal programs, republicans try to keep spending and government expansion down and taxes go up. As the battle rages, the taxpayers lose, at least until the 2010 elections.

The fact remains, the democrats have had total control for 4 yrs, the budget has gone through the roof with wild spending (two billion dollars in 4 years) and we are left holding the tab.

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