Monday, October 26, 2009


The political season is heating up early. All the major candidates are cranking up their fundraising machines and getting their managers in place. Your different political factions are trying to be king makers and choosing what candidates to support and not to support. No matter what party you claim it hasn’t changed in the almost 40 years I’ve been involved and seen it first hand. Now that I’m getting older I can’t get all that excited when the political bugle blows.

The trouble with this is if you become part of a group or machine then that is who you’re beholding to. Not the voters and tax payers that elected you. With a philosophy like this you can see why I don’t garner a lot of support from the political machines.

What about the concept of running on your own merit, or on your own message and ideas.

I’ve talked to some terrific candidates for state rep who share my philosophy of people before politics; candidates who will stick by the message of you first. They have each sacrificed for their country, state and provided loyal dedicated service to their communities.

I think you and I will find it refreshing to support independent thinking republicans who will provide a fresh perspective to serving you instead of loyalty to any political groups or any self interest.

The voters are better informed now than they have been in the past, they know what to look for in an honest person who wants to run for public office for all the right reasons. Candidates who won’t tell you one thing and go to Concord and do what the machine wants, hoping you won’t find out about it.

More people claim to be undeclared rather than to a party. Both political parties have come a long way in disenfranchising voters on both sides of the isle. So when the time comes I think integrity, philosophy of dedication to you the voter and fiscal conservatism will be the message to you.

Many people have asked if I am going to run again and for what office. I haven’t made up my mind and will within the next couple of months. No matter what I do I will run to do battle over issues that are important to you, not the political structure or the special interests.

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