Monday, October 19, 2009


Tim Copeland’s story has been and is being told as I write this. Tim is a retired NY City homicide detective bureau chief who retired from NY and moved to NH and worked as a liquor investigator for the state of NH. He is a fiscally conservative republican and a selectman in Stratham. During a traffic stop Tim’s car was rear ended by a pickup truck that was involved in a high speed chase with the state police. Tim had to be cut out of the vehicle and was more dead than alive when they got him to the emergency room. Tim sustained many and serious injuries, broken bones, severe head and brain injuries; you name it Tim damaged it.

After a long period of convalescence and physical therapy, which he is still going through, he started working part time as he healed; doing light duty for the liquor department.

Tim and his doctors and rehab people realized that he probably could not go back to work fulltime and would have to put in for a medical retirement. At that time he was getting full health insurance coverage by the state for his wife and children.

Two months before his medical retirement came through he was fired by the liquor commission, which left him with no health insurance and no income from his job. I looked into the case and found no reason to fire him; in fact his immediate supervisor had nothing but praise for his professionalism, work ethic and dedication to the state and his job. Rumor has it and it has not been verified yet, the state 3d party lawyer working for the worker’s comp carrier was the one who did it.

After exhausting all of his avenues to finish the settlement of his worker’s comp case Tim contacted Bev Hollingworth our governor’s councilor. I have been to hearings before the council and Bev did more than an outstanding job representing Tim’s interest before the council. She stood her ground, never gave an inch in public discussions and hearings with the various department heads and attorney’s.

Bev’s support and commitment to Tim’s cause was, I think, over and above what her salary line pays. She really showed a commitment to the cause of doing the right thing, for the right reasons for her constituents.

I am falling short of endorsing Bev for reelection; but, when an elected official works as hard as she has for Tim, or any constituent, I think it deserves respect and recognition.

One of the benefits of being a very independent republican and not part of or supported by the establishment, I can call them the way I see them.

Thanks Bev for being there when your constituents need you.

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