Friday, October 16, 2009


MMM MMM MMM, democrat Donna Schlachman say the democrats have saved the day; MMM MMM MMM.

In a recent opt ed piece presented by Donna Schlachman and written by a ghost writer was in the local newspaper touting the typical liberal propaganda of how the democrats have saved the free world with their fiscal responsibility; oh, and how the republicans are all evil. Republicans are not evil, they might be having a problem pulling the party together and sometimes some are not too smart; but, they are not evil. I know I have to deal with them on a daily basis. Oh, by the way, we are trying to build up trust in the party but that is proving elusive.

About the only thing that (whomever wrote this for Donna) has factual is the fact that there is a 76 million $ rainy day fund. The state has turned to financial Pelosi because of the mishandling of the needs and priorities of the liberals in charge.

If you believe the state is in good financial health, stop reading because you won’t believe what I’m going to say anyway.

The democrats have done one of the stupidest moves they could make by attacking the state employees. After 10 months of trying to reach a contract and constant threats from the governor and democrats of “750 layoffs if you don’t agree to what the state is dictating”, taking away bumping rights, the governor requesting 25 million in additional personal cuts from the legislature and then hiding behind them as the legislature mandated these additional cuts; no governor you requested them and can’t hide behind them because we all know better.

After all of this the employees could go no further with the negotiaons and the best deal the association could get was put before the state employee members. I was flabbergasted, after 10 months of threats and intimidations by the governor and the democrats, the employees had enough and voted against the contract language. Some members even said, “I know I will probably get laid off; but, I will see these people at the polls.

Right now the state has 1,357 vacant positions, for a total savings of approximately (up to) 98 million $ in savings. I’ve been told we have about 76 million more that could be saved by getting rid of consultant/private contractors.

While Donna and the democrats lost sight of the political and economic ball and constantly threatening the employees with another 750 layoffs the whole program got away from them. They probably should have paid more attention to this than their crazy liberal social agenda.

If 750 more layoffs take place, than more than 20% of our state employees would be gone, programs cut and services reduced to un-safe levels at the prisons and untenable levels in our social service programs.

The almost good news is that Donna and the democrats are taking credit for only lying off 250 state employees and re-arranging another 50 or 60 for transfers or pay reductions. They never needed to lay off 750 employees, that was a threat and the bluff was called; BUSTED!

What the governor and democrats don’t realize is that the state employees run the state, pay bills, plow roads, process the hiring of other employees through personnel, take in money, pay out money, in other words they make the state run. Who knows more about how an organization works than the employees. It is like the old saying in the military, “if you want to know what is going on ask a SGT”. So when your employees come to you with proposals for huge savings and you reject them, and by the way threaten them with more layoffs if they don’t give in to your way what does that make you; how about the south end of a north bound horse.

You will hear how the liberal democrats try to reach out to the republicans, does it sound like it? They are trying to change the facts and trying to change and divert the discussion away from how bad they stuck it to the state employees, how they screwed up the budget and how bad they’ve screwed up the state.

The republicans share some responsibility in this mess; but, only a small amount. They have not done a good job of getting the word out as to what has happened and what is going on.

MMM MMM MMM the democrats are not doing so good, MMM MMM MMM.