Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The MA voters have spoken and Scott Brown was elected a US Senator. The votes hadn’t been counted before the progressive spin machine was attacking his opponent for running a bad campaign with the usual diatribe to justify their statements. The Republican Party will be beating their chest like they are trying out for a Tarzan movie; but, none of them seem to understand what happened.

If you look at the Tea Party movement they subscribe to the traditional republican principles; less government, lower taxes, spending and traditional freedoms. If the Republican Party still promoted those ideal, there would be no tea party movement. A poll showed that if the tea partiers were a political party they would out number republicans and democrats.

There has been a void in political leadership in both parties for several years now; whenever there is a leadership void someone, or group, will fill it. If the democrats have been usurped by the progressives (socialists) and the republicans have watched their core values of republicanism watered down and pushed aside, disenfranchised members of both parties look for a new movement.

What most politicians don’t realize is this MA, VA and NJ, elections was not about parties, it was about the American voters rejecting what is going on in the federal government and a direct rebuke of the Obama Administration. Americans don’t like being lied to or manipulated by someone they believed in.

In 2010 the bloodletting will begin, we will probably lose Congressman Porter, and Hodes; we will take back the state senate and the house. What the republicans have to do is not screw up the program and lose it by 2012; we have been known to do that.

The best thing both parties can do in NH is stay out of the voters’ way; I think the voters are getting fed up with both parties. We know what we want; most understand the issues and have educated themselves on who are the special interest sponges (absorbing the special interest money for selling their votes), and those who tell us one thing to our face and do just the opposite when they get to Concord.

So if the political parties want to do something good, how about staying out of the voters’ way and watch what the voters do, maybe they’ll learn something.

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