Wednesday, January 13, 2010


And I will not apologize for it; yes Exeter public schools grades 1-12 graduating in 1965. That was pretty much before hand held calculators, battery operated radios and battery operated TV’s; but, what I was taught was how to count and figure numbers without the everyday electronic toys.

What I have been able to figure is that when the crazy liberal democrats in the legislature and senate in Concord went nuts on a spending spree and went nuts on raising the 40 or so fees and taxes, the last two budgets by almost a billion dollars a budget and don’t forget in the huge morass of insanity, remodeling the state house ladies room, while promoting a social agenda that is not NH and showing a repressed agenda of being dumb.

Let’s look at how the democrats stuck it to the NH State retirees. The retirees who went a number of years without pay raises to keep a good health plan for their families and themselves woke up one morning to find that we had to pay $130 per month for our health care, prescription drugs at $10, $20, and $30, doctor visits up %100 and this came with no warning so there was no way to budget for it. ARE THEY THAN THE PROTECTORS OF THE WORKING CLASS???

Then the LLC mess, Maggie got us into, oh, she had her fingers in the state retirees fiasco (which is getting the state sued by our union); but I can count.

Let’s look at some numbers that have the democrats concerned, special elections and there has been a few showing republican victories of 2-3 to one against the democrats. There are, according to the Manchester Union Leader 45,000 LLC’s in NH; if all the LLC’s brings 5 votes to the table that brings about a quarter of a million votes against the dems. If you add in the 35,000 to 50,000 votes that our state employees can bring to the table we are talking almost 300,000 votes that will vote for change going in the opposite direction of where we are now.

So the democrats will have to scramble to fix the LLC that they screwed up and the state employees they stuck it to or face the anger of the electorate.

In NH you can only vote as a republican or a democrat so the swing will be back towards the republicans. Our republican leadership will beat their chest and take credit for how wonderful they are; but, the bottom line is there is a grass roots movement of not only anger but a desire to put common sense back in the political process. This movement will leave both parties in the dirt as it moves ahead. The only people who should take credit for this are the democrat state leadership that caused it; very similar to George Bush taking credit for the democratic sweep in the last election.

I am not at all excited about what I think the political changes will bring. First of all the republicans have more than enough time to screw up the program and secondly we need to be concerned about the quality of candidates we elect. I know of some very good people who will run in our district 13 and will be supporting them. I will be running for state rep again and will be running as a republican, independent of the establishment and promoting what the voters want, not what the political machine wants. I hope if any democrats run they have learned from what they have done and start showing loyalty to you the voters and not their party. As I used to tell the party leadership in the house that would “talk to me” about my positions, “I vote for you, you don’t vote for me”. Do you think that is why I was never in leadership?

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