Sunday, December 4, 2011


I know most of you do not know Gary, and some maybe lucky; but Gary has long been a good and trusted friend, both in the legislature and out. He is one of those rare representatives that will give his word and keep his word.

Gary is from Weare, NH and has been a state rep for about 10 yrs off and on. He takes great pride in representing his constituents and is a conservative republican. He was, until recently, chairman of the Fish & Game Committee, which he spent countless hours researching issues studying bills that have gone before the committee.

He is no longer the chairman of F&G, although a supporter of Bully O’Brien, Bully fired him from his chairmanship because Gary voted against Right to Work in support of working middle class NH.

Along with Gary three members of the majority leadership of DJ Bettencourt were asked for their resignations from that leadership group; then, after asking for the resignations DJ said he wouldn’t accept them. All of this is like being on a merry go round doing 60 mph; it is enough to make a sane man crazy and a healthy man sick.

On top of this the out of control free stators are pledging to throw all of those who voted against RTW out of office. I was told one of the crazies who admits to being a non republican free stator, went to the Republican State Committee demanding that the state party throw all those who didn’t support RTW out of the party or not support them in the next election; I also heard his request was rejected by the party HQ’s.

To add insult to hypocrisy, a miniature free stator who signed up to get elected as a republican and is a little dingy (in my opinion), was claiming that Gary had lied to his constituents when he ran by voting against RTW. I do not ever remember in any of my conversations with Gary did he ever support RTW and told everybody who asked him what his position was. Gary’s loyalty to his constituents and his integrity while being part of a leadership group that has no integrity cost him a job that he really liked.

I’ve invited Gary to become part of the Quandt party that puts people first, keeps their word and serves with pride; the party is getting larger and we think that the so called House leadership (or lack of it) should tend their resignations and lets get the state back on track to serve all the people of NH and not just those who are trying a power play to take over government from the people.

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