Monday, December 19, 2011


I have received numerous calls to support/endorse a presidential candidate and have refused them all. I do not think there are any out there that peaks my interest.

With Mitt Romney I have three choices: I could vote for Mitt the conservative, Mitt the moderate or Mitt the liberal; wow that gives me three choices for a single candidate.

With New Gingrich, whom I personally know and like, I could get a free stator supported conservative. Unfortunately, his campaign manager, a free stator spent some of last year attacking republicans who disagreed with his agenda of the Free State movement.

John Huntsman came to NH with an identity problem, first a true conservative who supports Right to Work, then a self confessed moderate. OK John when you figure out who you are please tell the voters.

Ron Paul has some good ideas; but, seems to have these ideas out living him. I think he sounds a little strange while promoting some good ideas, unfortunately we have to elect a person with ideas, and they go together.

Rick Perry gets unfairly slammed for one or two memory lapses, Rick; I only wish I only had one or two. He made a splash when he came to NH only to get booed from the balcony when he addressed the house.

Michelle Bachman, she belongs in a Petri dish for further study, she is one strange person. Newt, at the debates, either refers to her as a liar or dumb; since she has two points to ponder she gets confused. Keep it up Michelle, your making your constituents proud.

I know I won’t vote for Obama so I either leave that part of the ballot blank or write in Matt, only because it is an easy name to remember.


Much easier to choose only because there are fewer candidates. If you look at it from a republican union members stand point, there are no candidates currently running whose is appealing. All the republicans are trying to swing far right for the primary while the democrats are trying to come back to the middle; what the dems don’t seem to grasp is the liberal wing of the party has a tendency to pick the primary nominee.

Many people are waiting to see what Mark Connolly; former Securities Director is going to do. I don’t know of anyone that has his reputation for integrity in the current state government environment.

What I can tell you is, no matter how flattering it might be, Lee Quandt is not in the race; I might have been dropped on my head as a baby but recovered.

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