Sunday, December 18, 2011


I guess that depends on what you’re trying to hide and how your parents raised you. For example there was a self promoting article in the Manchester Union Leader about how the current house leadership team has brought jobs in to NH by the wonderful job we are doing. Well, I thought it was only a few short weeks ago Bully and his cult followers were touting Right To Work was going to bring all kinds of jobs, etc, etc and more etc.

It was argued, truthfully, that the NH economy, not as good as we would like it was improving and doing better than most of the country. In other words our economy was improving as we were fighting over RTW. Now that RTW was finally defeated, the economy is still moving forward and upward so it is obvious that the Koch brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and bully O’Brien lied to us.

I guess, in their mind, it is ok to lie when you need to win the arguments and mislead people with the fabricated facts. When confronted with the real facts the cult simply denies reality; that is bad because when you start denying reality the next step is to lose touch with reality and some of the cult is showing signs of just that.

People who did not support the speaker on RTW have been removed from their committee assignments and positions and being redistricted to districts where they may not be able to get elected in. All the while the cult is threatening to get everyone who disagrees with them. The good news is, I suspect they will be fighting for their very own political survival. There is an army of educated voters that will be joining together with those of us that will identify the areas that need replacing.

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