Sunday, December 25, 2011


Just recently speaker Bully O’Brien was on TV talking about what HE wants to get done in the next legislative year. Some of it is to once again push Right to Work legislation, repeal gay marriage and I thought his position on gambling was confusing; he was also less than clear when he was asked if this was his agenda or the voter’s agenda. Another interesting comment was when the interviewer told him he had a reputation for “it is your way or the highway”, he really didn’t want to answer that one and said something in a low voice, “I don’t know about that”. That’s interesting the rest of us know the answer to that one.

As far as RTW is concerned that fight was the nastiest, most heated and debated issue I have seen in years. Bully, you lost because you did not understand the house and the diversity in the house. How can you intimidate people who don’t want anything more than just doing the right thing in serving their constituents? How do you bully people who don’t want a chairmanship or a bogus title in leadership? Only in government can you push an agenda, lose and come back and push the same agenda and expect to win; that gives bureaucrats a bad name and makes them look dumb before the voters.

What is happening in the State House is what happens when those in charge lose touch with those who put them in office; I don’t believe it is anymore complicated than that. A good example of that is the redistricting plan, as well as some of the examples mentioned above. We had a republican caucus to get briefed on the plan, actually got paid mileage for going to the briefing and a few days later the republican leadership throws out the plan we were just briefed on, switches it with another plan we didn’t know anything about and pushes the second plan with a lot of state reps complaining about it claiming they will not vote for this plan. I believe it will take a lot of threats and promises to bring enough votes to the table to pass this.

We are also going to be facing a bill that allows guns on college campuses. Some argue that would prevent some of these mass shootings others claim it should be left up to the individual colleges and institutions to make their own policies and rules and government should stay out of that process; so much for keeping government out of our lives.