Monday, March 21, 2016


We now have the Republican Elites (establishment) willing to support Clinton over Donald Trump!!  What is with this? 


We have Republican donor super pacs doing everything in their power to stop Trump as well as the elected big shots in D.C. who are making plans on screwing Trump when he gets to the convention.  These so called Republican Leaders are so out of touch and stupid it is becoming embarrassing to be called a Republican.  They are so out of touch with the people and the voters they don’t have a clue that this isn’t about Trump it is about the political revolution that is now taking place, caused by them.


So now we have a Republican front runner being attacked by Black Lies Matter, Shut down Wall St.  George Soreasses group, Bill Ayers group and now the Republican establishment.  Trump is still standing, I don’t know for how much longer, but he is still standing.  If it was up to me I would suggest to every voter to vote for Trump, give him the entire remaining delegates to the Republican Convention and let the news media have a night off, heaven knows Megyn Kelly could use it.


The establishment in both parties is not showing good healthy discussions and debates, Trump has the top Democratic contender barking like a dog with the Socialist runner up promising a chicken in every pot and you are paying for the chicken (hey Hillary-ruff-ruff-ruff), what in hell kind of election did the voters get themselves into this time??


What is going on between Romney and Trump is a long standing battle going back to the last presidential election where Trump gave Romney a large campaign contribution for a private promise and Romney reneged on him and the fight began.  John McCain: Trump had a 15,000 person rally in AZ and when McCain was interviewed about it his only comment was that he didn’t think there were 15,000 in AZ with mental health issues so Trump slapped him for not being a war hero; but, a POW, it goes on and on; but Trump said he would kill the families of the Isis, that came about after Isis publically requested the so called lone wolf terrorists to kill the families of our military (women and children), I haven’t heard that any of those threats have come to fruition, (thank you Trump to let Isis knows we have at least one candidate who has the courage to be politically incorrect and defend our country our military and their families).


We hear a lot of all the money Trump has donated to Democrats but we never hear how much he has donated to Republican candidates and causes which is sizeable.  To sum that up he is a big business man and buys and sells politicians on a regular basis, that is how he gets things done; that is how he knows what is wrong with the system he is a master of using the system to be successful and now has the system and establishment petrified he might win.


I will vote for Trump for president and if he is not on the ballot, I’ll write him in and when I am attacked for throwing my vote away and do I want bow wow for president my answer will be no but the Republican establishment does. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS LEFT ME I HAVEN’T LEFT THEM!!!