Friday, March 25, 2016


When you watch the news and the talk shows it is laughable when the military generals are quoted as saying torture does not work and has never been used by the U.S. and besides it doesn’t work.  This must be a new generation of generals and officers who fear speaking their minds or at the very least graduated at the bottom of their West Point Class; Obama has fired over 200 flag officers so the survivors are towing the rhetoric.

Let’s just take a walk down memory lane.  The Gestapo was excellent at interrogation and torture.  Historically the British, French, and Spanish were well versed as well as the NVA on inflicting pain to get information.  The secret is to get information that fits into more information.  It needs to be part of a jig saw puzzle the information you receive must fit into it, if the info doesn’t then you know you were being lied to and you need to double down on the interrogation on the other hand if you have an enemy telling you the truth during an interrogation they need to be rewarded.

We were told in Vietnam that torture was against the Geneva Convention, OK, but the North Vietnamese never signed the Geneva Convention and they acted accordingly.  When you see American Soldiers butchered/mutilated then it is time for pay back and if you need to torture prisoners to get the information you need then HELLO it’s time to realize combat is like NH Politics, it is a contact sport.

A few years ago I had a debate with a born again Lt. Col. Air Force Intelligence Officer and he made the mistake of asking me what I thought of Obama.  I told him I would not support any president that did not allow “enhanced interrogation”.  He told me that water boarding and torture did not work.  I asked him how many people he tortured (I wanted to see if he knew what he was talking about) and he said none but he was water boarded.  I asked him if that was part of his training or did he come home drunk one night with someone elses perfume on him and his wife wanted to know what he was doing and he laughed and said it was training.  He knew nothing about the subject and I started the education process and explained the jig saw puzzle comparison; I also explained if you torture people just to inflict pain then you are a sadist.  Torture is as much psychological as it can be painful.  People have a tendency to react to what you tell them, for example, “this is going to be extremely painful” and the enemy will respond like it is when it really isn’t.  Sleep deprivation is a huge interrogation tool that amplifies the pain of the “enhanced interrogation”.  This AF Officer had two beautiful daughters and they were getting ready to go to the AF Academy and one to R.O.T.C.  I asked him what he would sanction if one or both were taken prisoner in Muslim Land and they were about to be gang raped and if they lived through that they would be killed because they are Christians and considered prostitutes, and someone had a prisoner who knew where they were being held and wouldn’t talk, I used myself as an example of an interrogator and I could extract the information in a matter of minutes to save his daughters.  He said you make it hard don’t you?  He then asked how I would get the information and I can’t explain in this blog what I told him; but, it had to do with tying him to a poll, naked, in front of a pig pen and start cutting off body parts and feeding them to the pigs until he talked.  I used the cruelest grossest situation I could to make the point.  He looked down at the floor and couldn’t answer, I then explained to him that in every nasty, dirty style war there had to be people who didn’t exist doing a job that no one knew about or would admit.  Would you care how the information was obtained to save your kid(s), I don’t think so. Torture does work when done by people who know what they are doing.

On a lighter side I have thought of a physically painless, clean and almost humane way to get the enemy to talk.  We chain them to a wall and keep showing him pictures of Hillary Clinton; I figure they’ll crack in a matter of minutes and Hillary can put it in her resume that she worked with US Intelligence to question prisoners.  The liberals could continue to say Hillary is a visionary, the prisoner(s) can say after 15 minutes they just couldn’t stand the pain and the interrogators can get a promotion.  NOW THAT IS A WIN WIN!!!