Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I first got involved in politics in 1972, working on and chairing campaigns for the next 40 years.  In all of this time I have seen it all, or thought I did, but, what his happening now is unbelievable.  About 10 years ago I started seeing that evolving politics was not about helping and representing the people who elected us; but, about power and the establishment.


It is on all levels of politics because it is how politics has evolved.  This is especially true on the federal level.  Question: Why hasn’t the Republican leadership in D.C. stopped Obama?  Well let’s think about this, Obama has allowed the Republican establishment to maintain their power structure their lobbyist financial base and the big money donors who have been calling the shots in our federal policy.


As a Democrat Bernie Sanders knows that and so doesn’t his followers and what a fight they have been putting up.


On the Republican side Donald Trump knows how the game is played because he bought and sold politicians to pave the way for his business programs.  That is why the Republican establishment is so against him; it is all about power and control and they know they cannot control Trump.


To show the narrow vision, arrogance and lack of understanding of what is happening on the political streets, the political power structure still do not HAVE A CLUE! The Establishment has gone hog wild attacking Trump, claiming he has a spray tan that is clogging his pores, a small penis, organized crime ties, he is not as rich as he claims and he hates women.  Well he has been married three times to women, so he likes women; I think it is their lawyers he doesn’t like.  What was the most laughable point is Marco Rubio’s current fixation with the size of Trumps penis, I suspect that is one of the reasons Trump has secret service protection for when he goes to the men’s room; can you see how stupid and desperate the establishment is to hold on to their power and keeping that change in power away from people like you and me.  The bottom line is WHO CARES?? This style of politics, although amusing, is not what we want in our politics.


What is equally as interesting is Trump is only the messenger not the movement.  We are witnessing the second American Revolution to get rid of the control freaks and corruption that is permeating D.C. and our founding fathers were afraid of.  The establishment has not come to grips with the simple, hardworking and honest people like us who have had enough of their lying and manipulation of the political system we entrusted them with.  In short the political establishment is attacking us, the revolution, and not just Trump; he’s the messenger we are the movement.


It is the same with the Democratic Party with the Clinton fiasco of email and public corruption that she is being investigated for by the FBI.  This is so bad I don’t know if she wins the election will she be sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the Warden of the Alderson, WV women’s prison; maybe this explains the new found fixation against walls.  I predict we will see a big crossover for Democrats to vote Republican this election.  The issue is will we have a President that is smart enough to assimilate them into our party? Another big question is this the beginning of a new party or just a new frustrated electorate that might just sit down and discuss the future of our country minus the establishment, a discussion about the very future for our children, our economy, our national security.