Monday, September 6, 2010


I enjoy creative political ads and the more humor they put in them the better I like them, even if it is bad humor. Bill Binnie stayed positive until his numbers started to eclipse CK’s then the Cornerstone group started attacking him, then he came back after CK Aoyette, then CK came after him.

Binnie stopped the negative ads while CK is still doing them attacking Binnie. Then Lamontagne starts in on his ads against Binnie alluding to Binnie having money and trying to buy the campaign (Ovide doesn’t seem to have any money so he is attacking the one who does). OK, we all know money is evil and we all wish we had more of it so what’s the problem? I don’t care who has money or not, I want to know what they are going to do to fix the mess our country is in; it’s about issues stupid.

But what sticks in my craw, and I might just be sensitive to the situation, is CK doing campaign ads on the tragic death of a police officer in Manchester. There are some things that go far beyond common decency and political campaign protocol and campaigning off of a dead police officer or military person is one of them. This speaks volumes about the candidate’s character.

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