Sunday, September 5, 2010


Mike is running for Sheriff of Rockingham County in a crowded field. Mike is from Salem, NH and I knew him when he was trooper out of Troop A and also as a Salem Police Officer, when I was working as a State Probation/Parole Officer out of Derry.

Mike was always a good guy to work with, quiet, organized, capable and efficient. You couldn’t ask for a better person to work with, if you needed support on the street or police reports he made sure you had them.

Then when I and then Matt got elected to the house we found Mike in there as a legislator. We worked well together and Mike had an abundance of, not only brains; but, common sense. Mike was in the legislature for about three terms and then ran for the senate when Chuck Morse vacated the position to run for another office. Mike then did about 3 terms as a Senator. He was the assistant republican leader in the senate for the last couple of years. I could not tell you how many times Mike carried the republican message on legislation that made it to the senate. In other words he carried the republican water and party message.

Now he is coming back home to run for Sheriff. After all the hard work and message carrying he did for the republicans he is deserving of all of our support. After what has happened in the state politically it would have been a lot worse without Mike fighting for us. Now it is up to us to thank Mike for all of his hard work and his support for the people of Rockingham County.

Mike is an administrator, his quiet but effective style of management will be just what we need on the country level. His understanding of the duties of the Sheriff’s Office, emergency preparedness, process service, superior court security and inmate and criminal transportation for the courts (to name just a few), will go along way to improve the mission of the Sheriffs’ Office.

Please give Mike your vote on Sept. 14th.

Thank you,


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