Thursday, September 2, 2010


There was a recent letter to the editors from the treasurer of the Tri Town Republican group attacking Bill Binnie for having too much money and calling republicans who disagree with the tri-town malcontents. That’s a lot of name calling for one letter; I don’t think I can match that.

The letter writer, when he was chairman of tri-town, if I remember right was a big backer of Craig Benson. I don’t have anything against Craig; but, I think he was rich and spent about 13 million dollars to win the governor’s seat only to find out that politically it was one of the weakest positions in the state.

Then he talks about lobbyists. I don’t think Binnie is taking a lot of money off of lobbyists while his opponent Kelly Ayotte’s campaign is pretty much funded by special interest, political machine and out of state money. So it makes me chuckle when someone from Westchester County, NY (I think that is where a lot of rich hoity toitys live) complains about people who have money, spend it the way they want and do not run around like beggars to lobbyists and big corporations.

This very attitude is why Matt and I decided after the last election not to run with the tri-town. We are not and have never been supportive of this kind of attitude. If you read my blog I have worked hard at explaining what I think is wrong with our political structure/parties in NH. I love it when someone steps and gives a good example of what I’ve been talking about.

The following link sums it up:

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