Sunday, September 19, 2010


When Matt and I decided not to run with the tri town, supposedly, one of their co-chairs referred to us as the “Quandt Party”; everybody that heard that including us thought that was hilarious. We just wanted to be left alone and run our own campaign; but, that was not to be.

As the word went around the state that we formed a new party, all two of us, the laughs became louder, and everyone who heard of this knew where it was coming from.

Matt and I have held an election of officers and Bill Binnie was unanimously elected chairman and Bob Clegg is vice chairman (by two votes).

During the campaign the establishment attacked Bill for not backing off of his senate run against the hand picked choice to run. I like Bill, supported him and though overall he did a good job, had a good message and was the one to help get us out of the financial mess our country is in. But once again the message was over shadowed by the best smear campaign I’ve seen in years.

I’m a firm believer if you run a campaign that is based on lies, distortions and misinformation and should you win you forfeit the right to ask for unity from the people you smeared. This will be a very interesting general election. When Bob Smith was attacked and smeared by the republican establishment about 12 years ago a number of Smith supporters would not vote for the person who beat him, that person needed those votes in the last election and they were not there and now we have a democrat in that seat. That may not be reflective in this general election; but, in a close election down the road it will be.

Bob Clegg is a very kind rough and tumble construction company owner. He started digging ditches with a shovel and worked his way up. He can be generous to a fault but, always called in by the state house republican leadership to clean up the messes; I know I was there. Unfortunately, he is being attacked because of his support for Bill Binnie and his outspoken forth right style. Bob, who was the senate majority leader and cleaned up the state senates image of selling your vote for special interest money, is now a lobbyist and doing quite well. An honest lobbyist we can deal with a crooked one, no thanks.

Bob is under attack by establishment republicans who are mad he went against the establishment’s candidate, well get over it and let the voters pick their candidates and stop trying to control us all the time. Now we have to go through the punishment phase to show everyone what happens when you don’t bow to the elitists who are giving the orders and making our decisions for us.

But to Bob and Bill, not to worry you are now part of a different party, a party that puts people before politics and cares about doing the right thing, there may only be 4 of us right now but the message will catch on.

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