Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just got back from the state house after testifying on a bill and the conversations up there were quite interesting. I talked to not only democrats but real old fashion republicans. Some used the words “this place is getting ready to implode”. The stress level is quite high and the speaker has a new nickname, “bully O’Brian” instead of Billy O’Brian. That appears to be the perception and it is sticking.

Bill has the potential to be a good leader and I cannot put my finger on why he cannot reach that potential. I know he has some bad staff around him; but, he can overcome that. Is he a control freak? That usually is a sign of serious insecurities.

Maybe there is reason for insecurities when, it is alleged, the Newmarket republican town chair called Sen. Sharon Carson and after a heated conversation told her, I know where you live and I’m coming to get you”. He is also is a self proclaimed free stator and purported to be a former paid staffer on the NH Republican Chairman’s campaign staff for governor. From the rumors, he is the one that was saying that.

The speaker of the house and the state party chair need to repudiate the Free State movement in NH and if they can’t they should step aside. The rhetoric and animosity is getting out of control and I’m concerned someone is going to get hurt. I guess I know why we need to carry guns in the state house.

I’ve talked to many old guard republicans who are getting nervous over the direction the Republican Party has taken. They acknowledge the potential for major losses in the next election with about 350,000 votes coming against us; that’s not counting the barbers and beauticians (12,000) licenses in the state for the legislature trying to make it so you don’t need a license to do these same functions. HUGE HEALTH CARE CONCERN!!! How many people do they talk to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for the next 18 months?

What will probably happen is the republican financial backers will stop contributing because they know the party and the house has been infiltrated by free stators and libertarians. The money doesn’t want to bank roll non republicans, we will all suffer.

About five weeks ago I was sitting in the legislative break room at the back of reps hall eating a sandwich when two, I believe, free stators came up to the end of the table and were talking about how they were going to get the republicans that disagreed with them. I didn’t recognize them and still can’t recognize them; because I didn’t pay attention to what they looked like only what they were saying.

The speaker and party chair need to step up to the plate and deal with this and stop trying to be the captain and first mate of the Titanic.

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