Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I just got a call telling me that Susan Emerson, a state rep from Rindge, NH was just thrown off her committee of Health and Human Services by, none other than, Bully O’Brian. The story I was told was that Susan sent a letter to the senate asking them to restore some of the budget cuts. Susan has strong feeling, rightly so, for the needy and helpless that the state budget was going to touch.

Susan was married to a retired Air Force General who died about a year or two ago and all that she wanted was to be able to help people and be on HHS as a committee assignment.

It has become very difficult to work in the legislature under these conditions. State reps cannot think for themselves or disagree to better represent their constituents. It is the speaker’s way or the highway which, in a democracy, is an unworkable philosophy.
It is because of this Bully leadership style that some state reps are talking about the procedure to remove a sitting speaker. I don’t think the votes are there to do it; but, how would you like to be the only speaker or one of a couple that there was an attempt to remove. That is quite an anchor to carry into an election for higher office.

Well, I have to give the speaker credit; he has as many notches on his gun as, none other, than “Bully” the Kid.

I don’t think I can support the expansion of the anti bullying bill unless it includes state reps; this is getting out of control. Each and every state rep owns a part of this leadership, whether they voted for Bully or not, they are standing by and letting it happen. So is the problem the bully in the legislative school yard or is it our fault for not speaking up. The irony of this situation is all the new state reps that consider themselves patriots and freedom lovers who are turning a blind eye on what the house leadership is doing. I think it is most difficult to claim you stand on principles when some are wonder are there any left in the legislature.

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