Saturday, April 30, 2011


At a recent republican party event, a luncheon for Donald Trump, a number of tea party advocates mingled with free stators were sitting around talking about how they were going to “get” republicans (RHINO’S-republican in name only) by getting rid of anyone who didn’t support the republican platform or the right to work effort. First of all the state party platform committee was chaired by “Bully O’Brian”, so there is a document that might not be part of the main stream NH Republican philosophy. The real RHINO’S, are those who moved into NH to take over the state.

This is really sad, we maybe watching the disintegration of the Republican Party in NH. It is now up to the voters of NH to clean up this mess. The big question is did we do what we promised? If the budget balancing we are doing in Concord does not reduce your tax bill then we didn’t do what we said we were going to do. If the cut backs that we did in Concord causes your property taxes to go up, then we did not do what we said we would do. If we didn’t help create jobs and only caused layoffs like in our public sector, then we didn’t do what we promised.

I was talking to a supervisor of the check list and was advised that the R’s are going back to I’s by the truckload; that was only for one town, I haven’t called around to see if this is a trend or not; but, I have a feeling that it is happening.

Out of the clear blue our legislature attacked our public sector employees; whether it is state, county or municipal. I’ve been in a state union and know that you don’t attack them you sit down figure out the problem and negotiate a solution. Now we (republicans) are facing around 350,000 votes coming against us in the next election. At what point do we sit down and realize we are being led downhill not uphill?

Due to the house fetish for the right to work bill and other crazy retirement proposals the state retirement system is absolutely flooded with retirement requests. In many communities the top echelon, the very best and experienced employees are looking to get out and retire. This will put a huge financial drain on the state and the communities.

NH was known and respected for its common sense approach to dealing with these issues; right to work legislation was killed when the republicans were in charge and when the democrats were in charge; now it might go through because neither is in charge.

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