Friday, April 8, 2011


New Hampshire is not a union state , but it is a state in the union!!! Yes, it has a right to exist as a free state, free to congregate with those of like mind and free to move about or out when we do not like what is happening around us. No person in this state is forced to work for those they do not want to work for.

We do have employee unions in the state, or negotiating/bargaining units as some are called. Reasonable groups such as police, fire, teachers, and our state employees, the ones who need to work no matter the conditions because we rely on them to be there. None that I know of is forced to join a union. I have been told that at times overzealous members from out of state can be heavy handed in their encouragement of people to join; but, teachers or other public sector cannot be forced to join a bargaining unit.

We do have, at least with the State Employees what is called a fair share, it was negotiated in the contract and agreed to by both state and the bargaining unit. Those not wishing to be a member are required to pay 59% of the union dues to cover the expense of negotiations for benefits and pay increases. In exchange the employer must treat them with the same respect, pay them the same pay and offer them the same benefits at the same cost as members of the negotiating unit. Not such a bad deal, but that's the way NH is.

Unfortunately, we have a Virginia based group coming into NH once again trying to push legislation that is solely intended to create hate and discontent and break up our bargaining units. It also helps the other states who dislike the fact the latest study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows NH's success is not based on just one practice but instead on the diversification of the laws governing business and taxation. This is but one area under attack by outside interests who would settle for NH being only as good as they are but will never cease to end NH being better than they are.

I am reminded of the extremism of the out of control, religious group that protests at funerals of our fallen soldiers claiming the death is gods punishment for crimes committed by others. They bring their own judgements upon the world to places they were never asked to visit and they do so to fill the world with the same hate they fill themselves with. I for one have no use for their hate or their hate tactics.

The antics of this hate group which claims the "Right to Work" organization they work for supersedes NH's right to govern itself in a way which is most beneficial to the most people, is currently trying to beat Senator Sharon Carson from Londonderry into submission by papering her district with untrue, distorted and out landish claims about her voting record in the hopes of intimidating her into changing her mind. So outlandish are they in their representation that they know Senator Carson is the fact they call her a "him". That is after all how the outsiders do their "thing". One size paper to fit all people. It isn't the truth they care about only thing they care about is making you live like they do.

I’ve known Sharon for years; she is a pretty remarkable, smart and caring person. She was in the house with Matt and me. We use to have some strong disagreements; but, they were civil, respectful and issue oriented. No hard feelings and only respect on both sides. After a number of years we all got to know each other and realized that Sharon was fiercely loyal, not only to her family; but, to her constituents as well. Like us she helps anybody with a problem, she deals with problems not politics and if you are a democrat, republican or libertarian, she jumps in to resolve your issue. When the seat became vacant, Sharon ran for senate and won; she is and has always been well respected in her district.

Now she is being portrayed as a villain by out of stators. A villain not willing to sacrifice the NH advantage so the mistakes of other states become the mistakes of the many. They can always correct their mistakes, Senator Carson obviously believes they should go home and spend the money there they are spending here to influence their own legislature and perhaps move toward being more like NH, not that I want the competition.

I am disappointed in some of our senators for not standing up (even though they support the RTW issue) and telling this out of state hate group to go home!! Tell them that because of their bizarre behavior and vicious attacks against some of the senators (Sharon is not the only one being threatened) that they have forfeited their right to be heard as guests with an idea. The Senate should then dispose of the bill with the same fate as has previous senates and for the same reason. Hate, bullying, intimidation is not something we accept and we certainly do not want to emulate any state or group who does.

Let the word get out quickly that NH has had enough of this type extreme right wing thugery. Oh, while they're at it let them send the message we dont need any left wing thugs brought in either.

We see this on a daily basis in the house and some of us (now that we have time) are speaking out against it.

So for those of you who are environmentalist and of us who want to do the right thing for NH, when we save the kittens, puppies, sea otters, dolphins and all the other beauties of nature let’s not forget Sharon. Call your local senators, you can find their numbers at Let them know NH has the ability to solve our own issues; we don’t need groups like this for complicating them and if you’re from Sharon’s district, call and thank her for her hard work and for just being Sharon. Sometimes this can be a lonely and seemingly thankless job, a thank you can be a real pick me up.

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