Saturday, June 18, 2011


The longer the speaker holds off on the Right to Work Vote, the more the loonies are attacking those who are not supporting them. To say these people are nasty is an understatement. I explained to some of the better reps that a number of years ago the state hospital had almost 3,000 people in the institution and now they is about ten percent of that. With what is going on in the legislature and the RTW issue I think I found those who have been missing.

An interesting issue that people are only now starting to think about is abortion. For ten years now the litmus test to be a “real republican” was if you support abortion or pro life. Now the issue is do you support RTW or not. The passion, anger and animosity is unbelievable. The people who are doing are not republicans; but, are the radical fringe groups that have a little power and no positive leadership.

I have been hearing that many of the republican financial backers are not kicking out much money because they know republicans are not running the show. Any republican with an ounce of brains sees the party being dragged down to the lowest political and moral level we have seen.

It is only my opinion and I have been running and working on political campaigns since 1972, that the rino’s that are in office right now are going to get bounced out of office like a basketball during the next election. In fact who ever runs against them is not going to have to mount a big campaign based on issues they will only have to show they supported the current speaker and what he has done and is doing. Forget all the issues like RGGI, educational funding, Northern Pass, clean air, water etc. It will only take “you supported bully O’Brian”; I have said in the past that session will be career ending for about 125 or more rinos.

When you get your local tax bills look and see how much money these people have saved you? I believe this budget will cost shift not only onto the communities but to those individuals who are working in the public sector.

The election is a long way off and there can still be severe damage done to the State, fortunately we have a small group of real republicans that are digging in there heels and still trying to do the right thing.

This is like a Zombie movie only I’m in it.

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