Saturday, June 25, 2011


The budget has passed the house and senate with the governor weighing his options and letting it become law without his signature. I was curious why he didn’t veto it and fight against the over ride and was told that it was a tactical decision not to allow the budget to be re-opened for further damage to the state than what has already been done; it made sense and I believe he made the right move.

A number of controversial bills passed also and it will take a year to see how they work and what needs to be done to fix or repeal them.

Once again the speaker did not have enough votes to call the RTW bill, 474, to a vote. He thought he did when some of our votes, late in the afternoon, had to leave to go to work. That was the bad news; the good news is so didn’t his votes and once again he came up short so the vote was not called. We had 5 votes absent from the start so we couldn’t afford to lose many more and we didn’t.

Each session day, for the last few weeks, one of the unions has been hosting a barbecue on the front area of the state house for those legislators who are fighting RTW. It has been well attended even by the RTW people looking for a free meal. They call the public workers thugs, union bosses, etc; but, when it comes to a free meal they have no honor and let’s all be friends. I guess it tells you something about people.

It should be quiet for a few days, other than the speaker pressuring state reps to stay in line for RTW; I think there will be some calls made from the anti RTW groups to try to convince people that this is not an issue with NH and not a good issue for NH.

As issues develop I’ll do my best to keep you informed. I’d suggest that you go to the NH Secretary of States web and look at the new LSRs put in for legislation for the next session, enough said.

The damage to the State of NH this session will be corrected after the next election, I just hope people can make it until then.

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