Monday, June 13, 2011


During this maniacal leaderships fight to promote the "right to work for less" bill, the lines of legality and propriety have been crossed; the ruthless attacks against Matt and the over the top "Massachusetts Political Tactics" have just about run their gamut.

I have heard that many believe this leadership is actually more of a cult and rumors are that the Bully O’Brian leadership cult is frustrated their last attacks against Matt have failed, the failure is due to the lack of credibility of the accuser, and the fact Matt is well known by the old time true republicans. They see things at face value; they know the truth, and the motivation behind these attacks. We were very pleased by the number of house members that came forward in support of us on this issue. A large number of republicans stated their disdain for this attack and the leadership team that made it. Not what they voted for when they elected a Speaker and for the first time a Majority Leader.

We have all heard the saying when in a hole stop digging, that message never made it to the third floor of the statehouse. Word is the third floor bully squad feels the need to try again to get at Matt,seems people are standing their ground even more solidly now, not what the intended effect was. The theory is if it looked like they would destroy their own the others would fall in line. Guess they weren't around when Senate President Eaton attempted the same trick. Someone should send them a note on what happened to Eaton. It was certainly a first but not the kind anyone would ever want on their record. I can say this, if they attempt to defame Matt again, they will elevate this to a new level. This leadership has a record of attacking those who dare to think and they attack again if the person continues to thing for themselves again. This is why so many voters think they have issues, just look at the last special election in the Speakers home town. Even warranted a mention of the facts on Sundays Meet the Press show.

I have talked to a number of state reps already about the promises that were made to them aboutif they would change their votes or take a walk when the vote came up. Money for their campaigns, better districts in the upcoming redistricting plan and putting them back on committees they were removed from for previously voting their conscience or better committee assignments. They tell me all they have to do is one of the above so the vote outcome will change to the Speakers position on the bill known as Right to Work. Its not working because these people believe they need to represent their constituents, all their constituents. Some outside the statehouse have questioned the legality of such offers when they hear such offers have been made.

Do any of these promises fall into the below statue for violations? Our attorney seems to think so.

Section 640:2
640:2 Bribery in Official and Political Matters. –
I. A person is guilty of a class B felony if:
(a) He promises, offers, or gives any pecuniary benefit to another with the purpose of influencing the other's action, decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, nomination, or other exercise of discretion as a public servant, party official, or voter; or
(b) Being a public servant, party official, candidate for electoral office, or voter, he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any pecuniary benefit from another knowing or believing the other's purpose to be as described in subparagraph I(a), or fails to report to a law enforcement officer that he has been offered or promised a pecuniary benefit in violation of subparagraph I(a).
II. As used in this section and other sections of this chapter, the following definitions apply:
(a) "Public servant'' means any officer or employee of the state or any political subdivision thereof, including judges, legislators, consultants, jurors, and persons otherwise performing a governmental function. A person is considered a public servant upon his election, appointment or other designation as such, although he may not yet officially occupy that position. A person is a candidate for electoral office upon his public announcement of his candidacy.
(b) "Party official'' means any person holding any post in a political party whether by election, appointment or otherwise.
(c) "Pecuniary benefit'' means any advantage in the form of money, property, commercial interest or anything else, the primary significance of which is economic gain; it does not include economic advantage applicable to the public generally, such as tax reduction or increased prosperity generally.
Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

I want to, from the bottom of my heart, thank Donna Schlacman and Tim Copeland. They not only have great courage but integrity. While others, even in our district, were running for cover or blindly following the current leader ship team, Tim and Donna stood up against the lies.

This will not be forgotten and thank you.

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