Wednesday, August 18, 2010


To my supporters:

Today Governor Sununu, Chairman of the Republican Party, sent a letter to all candidates for US Senate and other offices, urging the campaigns to stick to the issues and not to engage in comparative or negative campaigning. It is a great idea, but sadly too late.

During the last year we have run a positive campaign only on the issues. Every commercial we’ve done, every speech I’ve given through August 16th has been positive to the issues or properly comparative on issues: jobs, spending, the economy – great challenges that need to be fixed.

In return, five of the last six state chairmen have written viciously negative attacks on me that were untrue. An outside group was brought in by my opponents to engage in negative advertising, which were found by the nationally-recognized and respected organization to be distortions and lies.

The state party itself even reprinted and sent out the negative press release from the attack group that came into our state to hurt us.

To ask for candidates to be positive and not to recognize that some campaigns have been viciously negative for weeks is to blatantly close one’s eyes to reality.

I am proud of my campaign, I am proud of what I believe in and I believe the people of New Hampshire want someone who will fight for his ideals and fight for the state.

I will not back away from my engagement in this campaign on the issues and I will not walk away from defending myself.

The people of New Hampshire want and deserve someone who is not part of the insider machine and who will be their voice in Washington.

I will, with your support, continue to fight for everything we believe in and most importantly good government and common sense solutions to our problems.

In the coming days I will need your help and support.

There are rough days ahead and I am ready. With your help we will bring the sweeping reform to Washington and New Hampshire we deserve.


Bill Binnie

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