Monday, August 2, 2010


I need to tell you why I have not been around as much as I use to. During the last legislative session the democrats stuck it to the state retirees so bad it raised concerns with many of us retirees if we would even have a retirement. The state’s word is like most politicians, it is meaningless so we just don’t know what to expect in the future. So what I did is went to real old fashioned scissors, comb and razor barbering school. It is located in Concord and the only old style barbering school in Maine, NH, and VT.

I could have sat back and waited for the Obama entitlement programs to catch up to me; but, I’ve always worked for what I wanted and needed and didn’t take much to hand outs, oops, entitlement programs.

The school was 10 hours or more a day and two hours of traveling each day and about 4 hours a day studying didn’t really leave me much time for blogging or reporting on what is going on politically.

Matt and I have been busy putting signs together and trying to make our political office presentable; I don’t know if we can ever make it presentable; but it is cleaner and there is beer, wine, soda and water in the refrigerator.

Bill Binnie came down to the office and gave a presentation to about 15 of our friends and supporters. I never had a chance to talk to Bill before that day; but, I liked him. He spoke for about 20 minutes and never once referred to the canned republican talking points about the evil democrats, etc, etc, etc. He spoke of things I wanted to hear about, the economy, veterans, and social security putting people back to work and just did a great job. I liked him and will be supporting him.

The next person I really like is Mike Downing who is a state senator and prior to that a state rep. Mike, Matt and I worked together in the legislature and he is a great person with an extensive law enforcement background and has administrative abilities. He is a former state trooper and Salem, NH detective and quite capable. I did deal with Mike before I retired as a probation/parole officer and he was a good person to deal with. He’ll make an excellent Sheriff.

I don’t know much about the candidates for state rep in district 13, Exeter, Stratham and N.Hampton, except they all seem nice enough and are out there working.

Matt and I went to the Stratham Fair and met huge numbers of people from this area that new us and gave us great words of encouragement. Matt ran into three guys who told him that they heard we were not running with the political establishment or machine and Matt told them that they heard right. One of them told Matt that he heard that the “Quandts started their own party”. Matt laughed and said he had heard that too. The gentlemen then said that the republican party is all over the place and they didn’t know what they’re thinking, the democratic party are all nuts and the only party that is consistent is the “Quandt Party”, now this drew some deep laughs from Matt and a couple of others who heard it. I guess what started as sarcasm and someone from the tri town throwing digs into us has turned into campaign material.

We will recruit disenfranchised democrats, independents and republicans who are looking for stable, consistent leadership that puts you and your families before party and special interests, with a history to prove that; WITH YOU WE CAN GET THE JOB DONE. Let’s show the political machines on both sides what can be done when the voters and their elected officials work together to resolve the issues. WE CAN DO IT, PEOPLE FIRST!!!

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