Monday, August 16, 2010


Politics has taken a noticeable turn for the worst in NH with the new attacks by the surrogate Republican Party affiliates. People knew from this year’s political beginning that the Republican Party picked candidates in the primary. I hear them say this isn’t true; but, the fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Kelly Ayotte was actively recruited by the establishment and supported by the, not only the state but the national republican party. Then along comes Bill Binnie and decides to run also. Binnie runs a clean issue oriented campaign; I met him, talked to him, listened to him and endorsed him.

His message and knowledge of business and doing business internationally is respected. As his message resonated and polling numbers drew closer between Binnie and Ayotte the vicious attacks began; there went the clean issue oriented campaign that drew my attention. One of the far right republican attack groups went after Binnie with TV and radio adds only to get body slammed by as being mostly distortions or lies. Now he’s being attacked for supposedly closing a factory and moving it to Mexico when the reality is he moved the factory to a newer facility 7 miles from the old one, and he opened a factory in Mexico. How this became a bad thing in the minds of the party leaders; I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Many of us older republicans can remember when the national republican party went after Bob Smith and left a huge credibility deficit within the party. Bob lost his primary against his opponent. Then more recently they went after Bob Clegg, a state senator and respected republican leader from Hudson when he ran against the party chosen candidate from the second congressional district. Now I hear they are doing the same thing to Bob Guida from Warren (remember these are all republicans) who is running against their chosen candidate in the second CD.

Although the republican establishment denies this; please don’t call me stupid unless you were one of my teachers at the Exeter Public Schools. It is obvious what is going on and the talk of the political town behind the scenes.

My suspicion is the party will not come together after the primary, end of argument, won’t happen. The philosophical split between the old style political machine and the people first philosophy may cause the organization of a new party. A party of fiscal conservatism, inclusiveness and concern for what is good for the voters not what is good for the king makers that are calling the political shots in NH.

I don’t like being controlled; I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, expression and thought. Our State and country are in very deep trouble, I think we all can see and feel it on a daily basis. We see jobs lost, government expanding as well as government spending, debt climbing through the roof and our political leadership reading from a 30 year old political handbook. We need every bit of common sense we can find to solve these problems let's pick the best most qualified candidates.


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