Sunday, August 29, 2010


The republican political machine is continuing making the same old mistakes. We all have to pass a DNA or litmus test to prove we are conservative enough to be a republican. The further to the right you go, the more republican you are. So now we have the test questions to our final exam on how to be a good republican. I always thought that a strong fiscal conservative and keeping government as small and efficient as possible was a conservative.

We are not the only party having identity problems. Just look at the fight going on in the second congressional district between Katrina Swett and Annie Kuster. Kuster is running as the screaming liberal progressive trying to paint Katrina as a moderate democrat. I guess poor Katrina is just not good enough to be a democrat.

We have so many special interest groups that are off the radar for common sense. Pro life, pro abortion, pro capital punishment, anti capital punishment, tree huggers, tree choppers, speed limits on the lakes, water shed advocates, protect our lakes, right to work, pro worker; the list can be enormous. Unfortunately, most are out of state groups that about as crazy as an out house mouse. If you disagree with any of them they’ll come after you politically with outrageous attack ads. Unfortunately these attacks can be affective because the readers do not know the full facts and buy into the message.

Kelly Ayotte did get Governor Lynch to kill the castle doctrine bill. The message was that it would cause kids to get killed in shopping centers because of shoot outs and drug dealers killing each other. It was off the wall; but, now she is denying it and has a couple of State Senators attacking the messenger, Senate majority leader Bob Clegg by trying to paint Clegg as a liberal. I like talking about this because Clegg is one of the strongest common sense conservatives in the state. This is what is going on in both parties, why would anyone with good old Yankee common sense want to be part of this?

I’m a conservative republican, I like to think that I am mostly a main stream conservative republican who supports my constituents more than I do the political king makers. I like working with and helping people. I think that is what we should be doing and stop wasting our time name calling and infighting. In short both parties have lost their message and direction and that is why we have the infighting and name calling. When C.K. Ayotte went negative when Binnie started to pass her by in the polls, created a situation nobody wanted. Now, Bill Binnie has taken the lead on getting back on track while C.K. is still running the negative ads and wallowing in the mud.

Bill Binnie is main stream republican that will work with anyone. Has he donated to democrats, YES. Just because you’re a democrat it doesn’t mean you can’t have republican friends. I have some good democratic friends that I personally like and respect that allow Matt and me to put signs up on their lawns and I have done very well by working with both sides of the isle in the legislature to get the job done. Who I talk to or buy a cup of coffee for or sit and talk to, is not as important as to getting the job done and, the job that the voters elect us to do; Bill Binnie is just such a man, he is focused on getting the job done. I believe he is a person that I can trust and I know he cares about people and that means a lot to me.

I think that C.K.’s campaign is out of control and it is her campaign managers and the republican political machine that owns this. I never knew C.K. as being a mean, nasty individual when I was working with her in the legislature this campaign is totally out of character for her.

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