Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As a young police officer back from Vietnam a much older cop told me, never be the first one into a fight, never issue a ticket in the rain or snow, and always know where the best luncheon specials are. In a strange sort of way it all made sense to me.

Now we have C. K. Ayotte’s campaign attacking the state workers for being liberal. Well I have some news that many people do not understand. There are roughly 10,000 state workers. They are pretty much broken down along the same lines and numbers as the general population of NH; about 3,000, 3000 and 3000. That is Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Totally, they have connections or input to between 35,000-50,000 voters. So, in my opinion you have to be crazy to go out of your way to pick a fight with them. C.K., you started this and was the first one into the fight.

Now Kelly who I always liked seems to have slipped a gear and in my opinion is nuts to do this. So her campaign is calling everyone names that disagrees with her and calls them liars. The strain of the campaign could be getting through to her or the other theory is that she is not running her campaign and the state party and D.C. insiders are because this is not the NH way.

A good example is calling Senator Bob Clegg a liberal. If they wanted to call Clegg a southern end of a north bound horse, I could find some agreement; but, a liberal come on CK and party establishment, that is not even close to being believable.

Because of the attack against our hardworking state workers the State Employees have issued a press release which follows:

“Contact: Jay Ward, Political Organizer

(603) 271-3411 x110

SEA Responds to Ayotte Campaign
Statement by State Employees' Association Political Organizer Jay Ward

Kelly Ayotte's campaign is attempting to marginalize the 10,000
hardworking New Hampshire residents who are members of the State
Employees' Association. But her campaign got the facts wrong. The SEA
is not "left-leaning" - our members include Republicans, Democrats and
Independents in almost equal portions. One-third of our membership is
registered Republican - and we have endorsed both Republican and
Democratic candidates in elections.

We find it offensive when any candidate's campaign takes shots at our
members and their politics. SEA members work for the residents of New
Hampshire - plowing roads, digging trenches, taking care of our elderly
veterans, helping at-risk children. Our members respond to the floods
and the ice storms when everyone else heads home and seeks shelter. Yet
Kelly Ayotte's campaign is now taking aim at the SEA.

If Kelly Ayotte believes that the Republican and independent members of
the State Employees' Association aren't good enough to vote for her in
the primary, then we have heard her message loud and clear. We will be
certain to pass that message on to anyone who might have thought she was
open to representing all citizens of New Hampshire - including those of
us who belong to organizations like the SEA”

Anybody that goes out looking for fight they don’t need, I think might slipping away from reality or reading too many of her own press releases, in other words and in my opinion, crazy.

When I was a Probation/Parole Officer I use to tell people on my caseload, “if you don’t act crazy I won’t treat you like you were. If you act crazy, I will treat you like your crazy and you are going to a shrink, the choice is yours”. You would be surprised to see how many people self adjusted.

So C.K. stop with the crazy name calling routine, you are just wasting a lot of money and making people mad. Please talk issues so everyone can have a clean issue oriented debate and respect the candidates.

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