Sunday, August 22, 2010


Bill Binnie is closer to winning this senate race than I realized. At one point, I was told; his polling numbers surpassed his opponents. Then the surrogate right wing groups started attacking him. They do this at the request of the political establishment in conjunction with the candidate’s knowledge; but, the candidate who ok’s this feigns ignorance so to look like their hands are clean. Then the candidate who gets smeared fights back and the candidate who started it claims they are resorting to mud slinging or negative campaigning. This happened to me once and it was done and directed by the Republican State Party.

If we all remember Bill Binnie ran a squeaky clean campaign before his numbers closed on Kelly Ayotte. In panic the “political mean machine” establishment started attacking Bill for being a liberal. So it is obvious that my fellow republicans are ambidextrous, they not only can call democrats names; but, are good at calling each other names. Bill fought back and threw a few in their direction. Now the people who started this and keeping it up behind the scenes are (at least in public) calling for an end to this while they are still promoting it. Trying to paint Bill Binnie as a liberal is like painting the statute of liberty pink, the color just doesn’t work.

This is the politics of personal destruction, name calling and causing the voters to continue to go independent to get away from the political establishments (both democrat and republican) who are doing this.

Who really cares about the name calling? I want more discussion on the issues that are going to put people back to work, I want more discussion on reducing the costs of health insurance and health care delivery. I want to hear more about protecting our borders, finishing up the mess in Afghanistan, and taking care of those veterans who are coming home with wounds and stress issues. I want to know, and hear, more about their plans to motivate the economy so my retirement accounts stop hemorrhaging.

I was talking to a well placed democrat who supports Matt and me, and he said how this fight is unbelievable and the talk of the town amongst the democratic activists. They agreed with my last blog about not being able to come together and also invigorating the democrats for reducing their political losses in the next election.

Even the big shots at the Manchester Union Leader jumped in attacking Binnie with some very fuzzy facts; alleging Bill moved some of his plastics production to Mexico while keeping some in LA. Okay, we are no longer a producing country (unless you want to count the dummies that are doing all the name calling and the phony candidates behind them). Go to Wal-Mart, Target, and Arjays, find something made in the US, and don’t count the cashiers. Why is this happening? It’s the government forcing our production overseas. Our car parts are made in Mexico, our vans are made in Canada and we have to push 1 for English. I want to hear how they are going to turn this trend around and our country can again become friendly to small business to hire more people and get our country back to work.

I am not trying to tear down the Republican Party. I want them to LISTEN and hear what people want and are saying. I want the party to regain their political footing as the party of the people. Not just bar room brawlers who like to call people names and diminish the cherished respect we once had.

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