Friday, August 12, 2011


The average person is overwhelmed when we hear all the experts talk about the national economy. They don’t want to simplify it because we won’t think they are such experts.

This is what we know, a given: if people don’t have money in their pockets they won’t spend it. If we raise taxes people won’t have money in their pockets. If the price of fuel goes up, gas and heating, we won’t have money in our pockets. If the price of goods goes up we won’t have money in our pockets. I think this concept is easy to grasp.

If people don’t have spending money in their pockets, they don’t buy goods. It is said that small business does most of the hiring and takes people off the unemployment rolls. If they don’t buy goods people get laid off because there is no money being spent and they are not required to produce things. If they are laid off they go on unemployment and everyone pays which is less money in our pockets to buy goods; talk about a catch 22.

He is a plan for the president. Bam, Bam is holding about 400 billion $ left over from his failed stimulus package. He bailed out banks in the hopes they would loan the money to the people who needed it; wrong the banks invested it drove up the stock market and then bailed out with a hefty profit and repaid the government. The people who needed the money didn’t get it.

So we need to reduce the price of oil, open all off shore drilling but require the oil companies to show they have workable plans for emergencies and not allow them to drill in any deeper water than they can immediately plug the well in case of emergency. This will drive down the cost of oil. Use the 400+ billion in left over stimulus money for small business loans with no interest for 5 years, let’s give them a chance to make the business work and hire a few people. Ethanol can be made out of almost any decomposing fermenting vegetable matter; we don’t always need to use food or good alcohol for gasoline.

Last but not least is reduce our overall federal tax burden; who cares if your rich or not (depending on your definition of rich), rich people buy a lot of stuff, that keeps people working. If we do give tax breaks to businesses that move overseas we need to stop that, they make enough money in lower wages and materials.

The bottom lines is put as much money in peoples pockets as we can, re-introduce material production to hire more workers and we just might move our economy ahead.

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