Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The presidential Republican primary candidates are pouring into NH and talking about how they support right to work. Keeping in mind this was not even on anyone’s radar screen in the last election.

So it appears the state party is telling them how important this is in a state where it means nothing; talk about an out of state out of touch political issue and agenda. The party refuses to believe that there are any union republicans when in reality there are thousands in NH and are willing to cross the isle to clean up this political mess in NH and work to better our state and move the state forward to make it a better place; this is one of the reasons why the republican party is losing special elections.

In the special election in Strafford District 3 Bob Perry (D) soundly defeated the Free State Choice by about 58%-42%. I understand there was a large group of disenfranchised republicans that helped out in that race. So a victory was pulled off in Bully O’Brian’s backyard, another in State Republican Chairman Jack Kimball’s back yard, I think the people behind these victories are running out of backyards. I think this is directly related to the fracture in the Republican Party and the huge split on the manufactured RTW issue.

John Huntsman is a promising candidate for president; but, came out in support of RTW which took him off my list. One of the truisms of politics is the activists come out in the primary so if you’re a republican you have to go conservative, if you’re a liberal you have to come out liberal to beat your opponents; who is more conservative or liberal wins the primary. Then you have to swing back towards the middle to win the general; only, in this case there is no middle. I do not believe, but they may, republicans would vote for Obama. Usually they just won’t vote in the election and not check the box; but in this case they have been screwed with just a little too much.

I think you might want to know what DAPP stands for. Keeping in mind my working class background and simple way of speaking, it stand for DUMB ASS PANDERING POLITICIAN.

Hey Mitt, don’t take it personally you're part of a growing group that fall into this category.

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