Monday, August 8, 2011


Some think that there is a fight between NH Republicans and Libertarians. In reality conservative republicans and libertarians have been, pretty much, allies for years and on most issues are not that far apart. There dose seem to be friction between Free Stators and old guard Republicans because the Free Stators appear to have an agenda to take over and remake NH.

I am watching the special election in Strafford 3 between a democrat and an acknowledged Free Stator, who is running as a republican. You never want to call an election until an hour or so after the polls close and the free stator has put a lot of money into this campaign; but, reading the letters to the editor in Foster’s it looks like the free state project is getting hit and hit hard. I think Bob Perry the democrat will take this. I’ve been wrong before; but, that’s my two cents.

We have a republican party that is disarray with at least one republican town chairman attacking republican senators and two free stators sending out letters doing the same.

Part of the problem is the free stators tried to hard and fast to take over and they have been heavy handed in some regards. Now we have union republicans working with democrats to fight back and they don’t seem to understand why. They relish in the fact they have a Free State leaning speaker and claim they got the chairman of the Republican Party elected chairman.

The voters are starting to rebel and you can see it in the special elections; this rejection is a trend, not just a fad. I have said in the past I expect to see about 125 Republicans lose their seats in the next election, some insiders told me it was wishful thinking that we would lose about 40, now their saying up to a hundred. This is starting to sound like an auction, I have a 100 who will make 125, and I think the voters will.

Thank you true old guard Libertarians for holding the republicans’ feet to the fire and I’m glad to be working with you.

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