Thursday, August 18, 2011


From reading the papers I have to give the fringe elements that want to take over NH credit, their chance might have come. It was the fringe element that got Jack Kimball elected chairman of the party and they are fighting to keep him in power against old guard republicans that want him removed. As you have all read Jack was photographed signing a petition to put the Libertarian Party on the NH ballot. That might not seem all that bad; but, he is chairman of the Republican Party.

We have presidential candidates coming into to NH to campaign that were made to look like idiots on the right to work issue and with the political anarchy that is taking place I’ve been told wish there was an honorable way to get out of the state.

Not to worry though the Bully O’Brian’s leadership team is ready to jump in and save the day. Shawn Jasper was quoted in the Concord Monitor saying the state party needs to be cleaned out. Shawn knows what he is talking about and knows a lot about politics and how to win elections. Just look at the AG’s investigation of 1994 in Hudson for altering ballots.

DJ is “no comment” while Bully doesn’t seem to know what is going on and will look into it. In my opinion Bully knows what is going on and probably has been part of it. The free stators and part of the radical wing of the Tea Party movement want control of the party and could do it this time. It is well known Bully helped put Kimball in as chairman, ooopsy can we have a do over.

People have been telling me that Obama is so disliked whomever wins the republican primary will beat him (nationally) and that will keep republicans in power. I’ve got an alternative theory and that is we will have a two tiered election. There will be those voting on the federal issues and those voting on state issues like state senators and reps. and will make needed changes so we will be looking at a whole new group of fish in the political tank after the next election and will be able to vote on new house leadership unless we throw the bums out before the next election.

I have a question for Ray Buckley; did this happen on its own or did you plan and organize it? Come on you little scamp come clean we couldn’t have wiped out our own party on its own so effectively without your help.

This is a real soap opera and I cannot shut of my TV until the last act is played out.

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