Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I always get nervous around people who like to have public prayer meetings to show how religious they are. I have nothing against prayers and do so myself; but, that is my business and I don’t have do at the Exeter Bandstand on Friday afternoon to show people where I stand. I was interested that he had a Texas statewide prayer session praying for rain. I don’t think there is anything wrong in praying for rain; but, let’s not get the press involved.

I actually had a better idea to get the press involved and that is to do a Hopi rain dance, oh most of those were done naked, and the press would really come. The only problem is should it start to rain and then hail, you better get your clothes on quick because that could be painful, ooo, ooo and ouch.

Then he comes to NH and connects to the republican religious elitists, which is up to him; but, more and more people are talking about that, and it will come back to bite him down the road.

If you look at what is happening with the republican primary field, Pawlenty withdrew. I hear, only as a rumor, that Huntsman’s campaign is imploding and the dumb move to embrace right to work is just starting to sink in; but he can’t retract it now. Romney, although is at around 30 % the question is will he go any higher or drift down to the 20’s. We have Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman running and mother nature tells us you can’t have two queen bees in any hive so that will be fun to watch. We are running out of appealing candidates.

It was also interesting to see the pictures of our Republican Chairman, Jack Kimball, signing a petition to put the libertarian party on the ballot in NH. The way our party is going they better focus on keeping the Republican Party on the ballot in NH. Now are people still WONDERING why money is not flowing into our Republican Party coffers???

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